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Video game enthusiasts love creating words to describe genres by taking a couple of game titles and mashing them together, it’s the sort of practice that has given us “Metroidvania” and “Soulsborne”, and it’s very useful as shorthand for knowing … Continue reading

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The Moppets Take Manhattan

OK, confession time: the only reason I’m writing this is because the post title stuck in my head about ten minutes into watching Love Live! The School Idol Movie, and until I put it down on the page it wasn’t … Continue reading

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A few days ago, I mentioned that I was playing through the Love Live! School Idol Paradise games for the Vita, and at the time I was fairly positive about them, especially as I’d picked them all up for surprisingly … Continue reading

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PC gaming can be a tremendously frustrating hobby at times, but one of the joys that it has to offer is the occasional excuse to pick up a screwdriver, clear off the crud that seems to accumulate on my workbench … Continue reading

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Vita Means Love Live

I like rhythm games and idol anime, so naturally I picked these up the last time I was in Japan: BUT, since I’d never actually watched the series, I figured I should watch the first two seasons of it so … Continue reading

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Sony’s marketing department is on point.

I finished Nioh a few days ago, and had been meaning to do a quick postmortem post about it, but one thing and another came up. Then I got another of Sony’s little “congratulations!” emails, which they send out occasionally.  … Continue reading

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Finding missing Lord of the Rings Online characters

So, let’s get this out of the way: I am NOT playing an MMO.  That is the quickest way to not get anything else done this year, and I am going to try to get things done this year. But.  … Continue reading

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Nico Nico Nioh

2018 has been a very calm year so far. I went more than a little nuts trying to finish ALL THE GAMES in 2017 – and, while I’m quite happy that I was able to get through a hundred and … Continue reading

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Switching on the Cheap

I realized a few days back that several of the games on my 2018 wishlist are Nintendo Switch games. This is a problem, because I rather like not paying full price for any game and Nintendo first party stuff has … Continue reading

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