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Stuff I bought in Japan 2017: Non-Gaming Edition

It’s no coincidence that my trip to Japan this year overlapped Comic Market.  It’s been a solid decade since the last time I went, and that was apparently enough time for me to forget how absolutely miserable it is to … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Reference

So, continuing with the Macross 30th Anniversary game, I’m on Chapter 4 (of 9) now and the whole thing is a massive helping of the best kind of fan-service. I now understand how all of the assorted divas of the … Continue reading

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The Enemy of my Enemy or something like that

I’ve watched a lot of truly irredeemable love-polygon anime over the years.  You know the sort – hapless nice guy sort of character finds himself surrounded by cute girls who are occasionally also mystical creatures or aliens but who are … Continue reading

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The Eternal Spinning Maid

So, there’s a bit in the opening credits of The Familiar of Zero where several of the secondary characters are doing this little hop-spin thing, and I decided that Siesta’s pirouette needed to be made into an animated .gif.  You … Continue reading

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The Online Shooting Robots

My wife and I have been watching a ton of anime together recently. She’s been going through the streaming options on Crunchyroll and Netflix and finding new series for us to watch, and her recommendations have thus far been spot … Continue reading

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Ok, THESE might be the most annoying DVDs ever.

I may have sort of lied a little when I claimed to be completely done converting DVDs for our media server.  It turned out that I’d set aside a box of concerts and music videos, and I had to go … Continue reading

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54 Minutes With Suda51

A few years ago, I picked up a one-shot manga called A Farewell to Weapons, by Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira and Roujin Z fame, that was translated into English by Epic Comics back when Marvel used to do really weird … Continue reading

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