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I have very low standards.

I’ve been watching Blade Dance of Elementers lately. This is the sort of anime I talk about when I want to show how far I’ve fallen, because it’s YET ANOTHER harem anime set in a fantasy world where Only Girls … Continue reading

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Twilight? of the Otaku

I’m not a huge Holiday person, but I had the opportunity yesterday to fly down to San Francisco with my wife and spend the day with my in-laws, who are actually fantastic people and not at all the sorts of … Continue reading

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Editing Audio and Subtitle Tracks in .mkv Files with ffmpeg

I have been trying to consolidate a bunch of servers recently, and one of the ones that I am looking to sunset is a box that has been used as a BD ripping and media encoding box.  The reason it … Continue reading

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Girls’ Last Tour

I’ve been turning off subscriptions to streaming services lately, with the idea being that I probably have too many going at any one time and that when I actually DO feel like binging some series or another I can always … Continue reading

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In which, one thing leads to another and I buy clothing.

A few days – maybe a couple of weeks ago – my twitter timeline basically exploded with Japanese Red Cross blood-drive posters.  Apparently, some genius at that organization decided that (a) nerds have blood, (b) the Red Cross would like … Continue reading

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An extremely specific rant on the annoyances of buying anime on macOS Catalina.

I buy a fair amount of media off the video section of the iTunes Music Store (hereafter iTMS).  It tends to be cheaper than buying blu-rays, and all I am going to do with a blu-ray is immediately redeem the … Continue reading

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On the topic of trashy anime

Let me be up front about something: I love objectively-terrible harem anime.  If you put me in front of a show and the first five minutes of the first episode are spent establishing that it is going to be the … Continue reading

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Not the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in a thrift store, but…

I work swing shift, and it’s not quite the rainy season here, so I frequently go on a walk for my dinner break.  We live next to the main commercial drag in a smallish town in Oregon, so I have … Continue reading

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The Moppets Take Manhattan

OK, confession time: the only reason I’m writing this is because the post title stuck in my head about ten minutes into watching Love Live! The School Idol Movie, and until I put it down on the page it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Vita Means Love Live

I like rhythm games and idol anime, so naturally I picked these up the last time I was in Japan: BUT, since I’d never actually watched the series, I figured I should watch the first two seasons of it so … Continue reading

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