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A weird bit of Apple ephemera

Was digging through my drawer of assorted USB drives recently and stumbled across this thing. Small plastic bear for scale. If you bought a 2010 MacBook Air, which didn’t come with an optical drive, you got this in case you … Continue reading

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I should know better.

If you look through any few months of posts on this blog, you may notice a common theme – I feel a little buried by the amount of stuff I own and would like to have less stuff.  I have … Continue reading

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I got a new phone, and it’s OK.

So, let me take a minute to unpack this:  Modern smartphones are pretty much magical devices by this point.  I am still lightly flabbergasted at the notion that you can cram a battery-powered computer into a six-inch slab of aluminum … Continue reading

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On Resurrections

I’ve spent the last thirty years or so working in what I’ll vaguely define as the “tech industry”, which has included jobs doing everything from grunt-level helpdesk work to being a build engineer and some light development work.  It’s not … Continue reading

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This is all Ian Fleming’s fault.

I was not a particularly good student in my High School days.  To be quite honest, I developed a bad habit of not actually attending classes.  Our school district had an automated system which would call the houses of truant … Continue reading

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On Surface Gaming

So, I mentioned that I was playing Ys: The Oath in Felghana on a Surface 3 in my last entry, and I thought I’d talk about that because it’s one of the more interesting pieces of hardware I’ve owned in … Continue reading

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A Really Pathetic Epiphany

I’m a watch guy. Well, I’m not a scary watch guy who reads Watches Monthly and hangs out on watch forums and writes angry letters to the editor re: kids today and their cell phones and their rap music and … Continue reading

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Speak & Spell Not Included

If I had to pick an unexpected benefit of visiting China rather than Japan, I’d have to say that it was a fairly inexpensive trip.  When I visit Japan, I tend to do a LOT of shopping.  I mostly stick … Continue reading

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A Short Drobo Rant

I’ve mentioned a few times here that I’ve spent roughly the last five years ripping all of our DVDs and other media to the server here at Casa Baud Attitude.  It all gets stored on a Drobo and backed up … Continue reading

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ALL the tiles

Even though I dropped AT&T like a hot rock a few months ago, I still have a phone with AT&T baseband and am thus beholden to their rather pokey release schedule. So, while the rest of the world has been … Continue reading

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