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Important Milestones.

I reached an important, nay, critical moment in PS3 ownership this week. Our local “Fred Meyer’s” had the collector’s edition of “Stranglehold” on clearance for $24.95, with all clearance items being discounted an additional 20%. So now I own my … Continue reading

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Curse you, Penguin-hugging girl.

I can’t figure out how to unlock Miyuri in the free battle mode in Suchie Pai III Remix for the DS. Apart from that, I’ve beaten the game with every character and gotten their “good” ending, so I think I … Continue reading

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our game. We’ll wrap it up in the sequel.

I finished Kingdom Hearts yesterday, and it was quite an enjoyable ride.  There was no Psychonauts-style Insane Difficulty Jump at the end, the Disney-themed villain in the last world was a really nice surprise, and even the Patented Square Multi … Continue reading

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All cooked out

I’m not very good at predictions. For instance, several months ago when I first saw “Cooking Mama” on a shelf, I had the following thoughts: 1) Wow, that is a weird concept for a game. 2) I like weird games. … Continue reading

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Claims to manliness.

I have mentioned that one of the games on my far-too-neglected backlog is Kingdom Hearts, the Square-Disney collaboration that has launched a thousand disturbing doujinshi. I think I am approaching the end of the game.  At least, I’m currently in … Continue reading

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Musical moments, slightly embarassing:

So I keep hearing a song when I’m driving home from school, and it’s rather catchy, and so I finally went and looked it up on Google. It’s apparently by the actress/singer who plays “Hannah Montana”, which is apparently all … Continue reading

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Spin-offs, bad and good.

OK, so back in the dark days when domestic laserdiscs had completely died and DVD hadn’t quite taken off yet, my wife and I used to buy an awful lot of import laserdiscs. Oh, and by the way? Buying import … Continue reading

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