Claims to manliness.

I have mentioned that one of the games on my far-too-neglected backlog is Kingdom Hearts, the Square-Disney collaboration that has launched a thousand disturbing doujinshi.

I think I am approaching the end of the game.  At least, I’m currently in a place called “End of the World” and that sounds pretty damn final.

Before getting here, though, my lovely and patient wife, who has sat by my side and watched me hack and slash my way through the many Disney worlds present in the game, said to me, “You know, you get a better ending if you collect all the dalmatians and finish the Hades cup.”

Well, who am I to skip hours of tedious searching for dogs in the hope of seeing a better ending?

After we found the last damn dalmatian, the next step was obviously to tackle the Hades cup tournament.  She looked this up in a guide and found that it recommended being level 60 before you even tried it.

I was level 51.  It was pretty obvious that I needed some leveling up.

So we figured that the best way to do this leveling up would be to enter the Hades cup, and just look at it as a way to get experience so we wouldn’t be too crushed when I was humiliated.

It turned out to be a great way to get experience.  By the time I beat it, which I will now point out was on the very first attempt, I was level 55.

It was a damn triumphant feeling. 🙂

Now to press on to the end.

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