All cooked out

I’m not very good at predictions.

For instance, several months ago when I first saw “Cooking Mama” on a shelf, I had the following thoughts:

1) Wow, that is a weird concept for a game.

2) I like weird games.

3) Weird games don’t seem to sell well.

4) I should buy that now, because it’s going to be impossible to find in a couple of months.

I am given to understand that it has, in fact, sold well over a million copies and generated at least two sequels.

So, predicting the future: Not my strong point.

Anyway, I played it a little after I bought it, but I got a little tired of the whole rapid-fire-minigame thing and put it aside after I’d unlocked a few recipes.  I was right about it being darn weird, though, they didn’t really bother much with the localization or change the recipes to be American food or anything like that.

After finishing Bomberman Land Touch, though, I was a little more open to the minigame-collection-concept, so I went back to Cooking Mama, started taking my potato peeling and squid frying SERIOUSLY, and burned through all 76 recipes with at least silver medals.  I wasn’t about to repeat them until I’d gotten 100% gold, or anything, that would be insane, but I wasn’t going to let myself slide with any copper medals.

Anyway, another game down.  I was quite disappointed in not getting any kind of fanfare, or ending credits, or anything like that, but at least I got to play a videogame simulation of making Katsudon, and that’s good enough for me.

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