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All Souled Out

So, about sixty hours over the last couple weeks sunk into re-playing Dark Souls II because I wanted to check out the changes for the Scholar of the First Sin edition and I wanted to play the three DLC expansions … Continue reading

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I’m not playing an MMO

If I don’t post for a while, it’s usually because I’m playing one MMO or another and am in the incredibly addictive pre-level-cap feedback loop part of the game. This is not the case. Rather, I’m playing Dark Souls II … Continue reading

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Why my wife will murder me, and why it is totally justified. 

For the record, I usually do my own laundry and she was doing me a huge favor here. 

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Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV: War Sometimes Changes

  Another day, another mahjong game.  This time, Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai IV – the last entry in the series and not a bad way to wrap things up. Fourteen years passed between the first Suchie-Pai game, a Super Famicom cartridge … Continue reading

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Musou☆Stars? Another Warriors Game?

Well, ok, I guess, the series has a lot of fans, and I liked playing the Ninja Gaiden characters in Warriors Orochi 3 so I’ll at least look at a trailer… …it’s too long until August 29th. GIVE IT TO … Continue reading

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Rule of Rose: Girls Gone Wild

…no, no, REALLY wild.  As in some serious Lord of the Flies action going on here.  Really, it’s more Girls Gone Feral but I thought this was a better title for clickbait purposes. Ahem. Uh, where was I? Oh, yes.  … Continue reading

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Disney Infinity 3.0: I Hurt Myself, Today

The last time I booted up Disney Infinity, it was April of last year and the game hadn’t yet gotten the axe.  I had just gotten the Inside Out playset and spent a very enjoyable weekend day running around in … Continue reading

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