I’m not playing an MMO

If I don’t post for a while, it’s usually because I’m playing one MMO or another and am in the incredibly addictive pre-level-cap feedback loop part of the game.

This is not the case.

Rather, I’m playing Dark Souls II again, and justifying it to myself as being a completely different game because I’m playing the “Scholar of the First Sin” edition, which was a remixed version of the game meant to address complaints that the initial DS2 release was lacking in difficulty.

As a bee-tee-dubya, it decidedly succeeds in this goal.  One of the first zones that you can reach in the game is a zone called “Heide’s Tower of Flame”, which is a bit forgettable in the original and which serves mostly to be a crossroads to take you to a couple of boss fights.

The remixed version is, well, rather more memorable.  By the time I GOT to the boss fights, my personal How To Souls level had gone up more than a few times, and both bosses were pushovers compared to basic enemies from the zone I’d had to go through to reach them.

But I’m going a little too in-depth here.  It’s harder, it’s still brilliant to play, the co-op portion of the game is still very active, not much more needs to be said.

Other recent games played include Titanfall 2, which jumped right to the top of my Favorite FPS Campaigns Of All Time list (PLAY THIS IF YOU CAN, IT’S FREQUENTLY HEAVILY DISCOUNTED AND OMG BEST ROBOT PAL EVER) and 7th Dragon III:VFD, a 3DS RPG mostly notable for letting me play as an old dude with white hair surrounded by cute girls.  It also gets some extra points from me for being ALL about the buffs and debuffs you use in combat; JRPGs are infamous for boss encounters that are immune to status effects and this one thankfully abandons that trope.

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