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Is this cultural appropriation?

When I was younger, I spent a few years living in a small town in the heart of Corn Country, which you can imagine was a bad place to be the “weird kid”. To this day, I joke that the … Continue reading

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Anakin Did Nothing Wrong

I’ve been trying to hold fast to my no-MMOs policy this year, and in general I’ve been doing well with that.  The sole exception has been a bit of a dalliance with Star Wars: The Old Republic, though in my … Continue reading

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A few days ago, I mentioned that I had a habit of starting new Dark Souls playthroughs, ringing the first Bell of Awakening, and stopping there, and that this takes me about an hour each time. Well, this last time … Continue reading

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On Cultural Exchange

A few days ago, I mentioned that I’d thrown in my Japanese copy of Dark Souls to unwind after a little bit of a vexing day.  It wasn’t one of my more accessible posts, since I was talking about trophies … Continue reading

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An entirely heretical opinion about Mass Effect 3.

So, I finished my full Mass Effect series play-through several days ago, but I wanted to sit on this and think about it. I first played the trilogy in 2014, and the second game was easily my favorite.  It had … Continue reading

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The Dark Souls of Trophy Glitches

After finishing my Mass Effect trilogy replay – I’ll have a post about that in a few days – I was looking through my backlog for inspiration and realized that I had a bunch of games on the PS3 that … Continue reading

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Being a basically immature individual.

Discovering Evan Dorkin in my late teens may not have been the best thing for me.  That point in your life is when you’re supposed to start Growing Up, and I was doing an OK job of it… and then … Continue reading

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On the Inexorable Passage of Time

As I have occasionally mentioned, I am a geek of the age where my engeekening coincided with the rise of pencil & paper RPGs, so a good chunk of my formative years were spent compulsively reading, re-reading, and memorizing the … Continue reading

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