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Well, a couple of days after that last post, I wrapped up Deathsmiles.  I never quite managed to 1cc it, which is a little embarrassing, but my best run consisted of me getting to the very last level without taking … Continue reading

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Special Edition Swag

I needed to fill a couple of hours before bed last night, but didn’t want to jump into any game where I might still be stuck in the tutorial when I needed to wind it down for the evening. It … Continue reading

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National Pride

So, it doesn’t take very much anime and manga to realize that your average Perfectly Ordinary Japanese Schoolgirl is, honestly, a force to be reckoned with.  As a class, they live one dimensional portal or talking cat away from being … Continue reading

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Pies, ranked:

Any serious discussion of pies must first acknowledge the issue which is presented by restaurant-specific and/or regional pies. For example, Shari’s serves a “Caramel Pecan Crunch” pie, unique in that it is the only pie to date where my wife … Continue reading

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It’s a good time to be a nerd

So, went to see Guardians of the Galaxy last weekend, caught Captain America 2 in the cheap theater as my wife hadn’t seen it, and did a marathon session of Agents of Shield to round out the week, so I … Continue reading

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There may be something wrong with me

There are a few places in video games that I’ve seen enough times that they’ve become familiar places to me.  Most of them are in MMOs, of course, since you tend to run through the same bit of scenery enough … Continue reading

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After finishing Lollipop Chainsaw, I was updating my Backlog Progress page and realized that I was staring at seven years worth of data that was just begging for analysis. So I analysized, and I will just say that I am … Continue reading

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Lollipop Chainsaw – Fin

I finished Lollipop Chainsaw last night.  I don’t have much to add to my comments from the other day – in general, it’s a pretty good brawler with a twisted sense of humor – but I wanted to point out … Continue reading

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Twilight Sparkle, Zombie Hunter

After finishing Onechanbara Z Kagura, it crossed my mind that I had another game on the shelf about dismembering zombies with a chainsaw. I’ve only ever finished one of Suda51’s games, that being Killer7, but it made a heck of … Continue reading

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One Cowboy Hat. One Chainsaw. Ten Thousand Zombies.

  After a marathon play-through of all three Mass Effect games, I needed a bit of a change of pace.  I found it. I am an unashamed fan of the Oneechanbara games.  They’re not exactly high-concept or high-budget games – … Continue reading

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