Pies, ranked:

Any serious discussion of pies must first acknowledge the issue which is presented by restaurant-specific and/or regional pies. For example, Shari’s serves a “Caramel Pecan Crunch” pie, unique in that it is the only pie to date where my wife and I have found common ground, and Sweet Potato Pie, which should by all rights appear high on this list, is rare outside the American south.

With those caveats, the list:

1) Pumpkin (October – December) / Coconut Cream (Jan-Sep)
2) as 1) but reversed
3) Banana Cream
4) Pecan
5) Apple

Finally, while allowances can be made for most lesser pies, at least as long as you can cover them in vanilla ice cream, it is questionable whether even the most forgiving soul could find a place in their heart – or on their plate – for Rhubarb.

I feel this very strongly.

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1 Response to Pies, ranked:

  1. PiE says:

    Yes, finally someone who rates pies.
    Honestly, I can’t rate pies on a scale. Most all of them are good.
    (Well, except pecan, because I don’t care much for pecans, and rhubarb, because, I mean who on earth knows what a rhubarb is or what it tastes like?)
    Personal favorites of mine are Apple, Sweet Potato, and Key Lime.
    But, do you know what the best pie is?
    3.14. Best pie I’ve tasted. Or at least calculated…


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