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It’s a Unix System. I know this.

So, where to begin? We’re in the process of moving and going from a dual income family to a single income family.  Of course, this meant that we needed a new TV. Even I will admit that the logic there … Continue reading

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2 Weeks and Out, Man

Two weeks left until graduation – well, graduation from my 2 year college, anyway. I have one term paper and two presentations still to do, and I’ve only written a rough draft of one of the presentations.  I should be … Continue reading

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Three months later

…finally went back to Jeanne D’Arc, a fine strategy RPG and a highlight of the PSP’s software lineup, which I put aside back in February because I kept failing a protect mission. It’s my considered opinion that, while all protect … Continue reading

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Convergence Fail

So, there’s a rumor going around that Sony is considering starting up an iTunes sort of service for the PSP.  It does make sense, in a way, because Sony does own an awful lot of content and the PSP could … Continue reading

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First Person Shooters, Generic

It might be a bad idea to drop back a few years for another game in the same genre after playing through a high-budget modern title like Call of Duty: World At War, but that’s what I’m doing: starting “Project: … Continue reading

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Apartment hunting is over

I hate apartment hunting.  It puts you in a position where you are completely subservient to the whims of landlords and have to write checks for “application fees” that come with little justification and no possibility of refund.  Oh, and … Continue reading

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It’s never the Italians.

I have a vague memory, the result of not really paying too much attention in High School history class, that the “Axis” powers in World War II were Germany, Japan, AND Italy. That having been said, I don’t remember ever … Continue reading

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I’d forgotten what junk mail was like.

So, in preparation for the move, I took the large bin labeled – or, well, not actually labeled, it’s metaphorical –  “shred before disposal” and put it through our shredder, an agonizingly slow process made worse by the knowledge that … Continue reading

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Taming the DVD collection hell-beast

I’ve been putting off writing this for a while, because it involved a product that seemed to be out of production.  I’m not sure if that was ever true, but I was having a heck of a time finding them … Continue reading

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