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Not having school is nice. It lets you blow stuff up.

Being able to put aside books for a few weeks and blowing off my Japanese studies for the same length of time has kinda helped clear the backlog a little bit. Despite previously-mentioned glitches with cutscenes, I was able to … Continue reading

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It’s going to be an odd day at work.

It’s the day after Christmas, so everyone will be swapping stories about their swag, and the crazy things Aunt Marge says when she gets a couple cups of nog in her, and if anyone asks me what I did, I’m … Continue reading

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A Giant Bundle of Joy…

One of the side effects of this year’s “clear out the backlog” project has been a new appreciation for bundled software. Usually, if you get any software with a new piece of hardware (beyond, you know, the basic drivers and … Continue reading

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Tonight, I took some photos of our Christmas tree and our attempts to make our cats hang out under the tree or look up at the tree in cute ways. They, honestly, would prefer not to be anywhere near the … Continue reading

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Yes, Psychonauts IS all that and a bag of chips, but…

I really did plan to get to sleep at a reasonable time last night, but I felt really close to the end of Psychonauts and decided to see if I could finish it. And I did – granted, I was … Continue reading

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Nice… Goggles.

I’ve never played Day of the Tentacle, or Full Throttle, or… well, I’ve never played any of Tim Schafer’s games, even though he’s one of those “name” developers that has a massive and vocal following. On the other hand, I … Continue reading

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In which, I finish a hard game.

Lara Croft and I have a somewhat sparse history.  I owned the original Tomb Raider back when it was released for the Saturn, but never finished it, and then I bought and got crushed into pitiful defeat by the second … Continue reading

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Math leads to bruises.

School is done for the term, so I have a blissful couple of weeks where, instead of juggling homework + Japanese studying + work, I just have to worry about work. My  last final – and it was quite a … Continue reading

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Mega Man : It ain’t happening.

I want to like Mega Man : Powered Up. I really do. The Mega Man series is one of the most iconic ones out there. Not having played any of the games in the series felt almost like being illiterate… … Continue reading

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It’s a crying shame…

…that I played Deus Ex earlier this year. Because, well, I can’t come right out and say that Brave Story : New Traveler is the best game I’ve finished this year. It even does harm to my old-school Sega-fan cred … Continue reading

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