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Adios and his “Evil Qee Army of Doom”

My wife’s birthday was Monday, and there is a new Tokidoki bag in the house as a result. No, I’m not a good enough husband to go out and buy her one – she had to do it herself. I … Continue reading

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I got caught.

Seems Yuno’s been reading the blog. 😦 Brave Story remains quite enjoyable.  It’s just gotten to the “OK! You can go anywhere in the world now, and there are all these little side quests and optional bosses to fight!” stage, … Continue reading

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Modern Automotive Safety Features Are Good.

Our Mazda 3 has this thingy called “DSC” or “Dynamic Stability Control” I have made fun of this in the past, because what “DSC” seems to do is make a little picture of a skidding car light up on your … Continue reading

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