Adios and his “Evil Qee Army of Doom”

My wife’s birthday was Monday, and there is a new Tokidoki bag in the house as a result.

No, I’m not a good enough husband to go out and buy her one – she had to do it herself.

I will submit, in my defense, that she is quite picky about print placements and thus if I’d picked her out a bag, she MIGHT have CLAIMED to love it, but in reality she would forever be thinking to herself “if only THIS character was centered instead of being cut off by the seam…”

Anyway, she got a “Trasporto” thingy. I think it’s a “Stellina”, but don’t hold me to that and it’s not important anyway.

What is important is this: Every other bag she’s ever gotten has come with the same little “Qee” figure, which is a cute little bear. This new bag came with a different “Qee”… and it was added to the collection of Qees she’d already gotten, exposing a horrifying truth:

She’s been building an army. I just didn’t realize it until she added the leader.

Tokidoki Adios Qee and Evil Army of Doom

My days are numbered.

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1 Response to Adios and his “Evil Qee Army of Doom”

  1. frogflinger says:

    It was a Trasporto Campeggio, not that you care 🙂 Oh, and it might scare you to know, but I have at least one bag that I left the qee on, so the army isn’t completely represented here…. And then there’s the special ops team, but I can’t tell you where they are because I’d have to kill you…. 🙂


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