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The Week of Homework

Good thing about taking two online courses in the same term from the same teacher – you get to know them, which is important when both are writing / english related.  I’m of the opinion that at least half of … Continue reading

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Mouse & Keyboard… how very odd.

Back towards the beginning of the year, when I was trying out Vanguard, I upgraded my PC. I wound up with something that would play Vanguard on the highest visual settings and actually push out 35 fps or so. This … Continue reading

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Memorial day weekend…

Unfortunately I don’t know many veterans – only one, actually. My father-in-law served in Vietnam, but it seems kind of weird to call him up and say, uh, “thanks” So, like most Americans, I took the opportunity of this long … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Spoiler-free advice:

Sit through the end credits. There’s a bit after them. I mention this only because at last night’s showing, which was a full theater, almost everyone walked out as soon as the credits started – I think there were only … Continue reading

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Grammar checkers am fun

I have a new job, so I have to learn a whole new set of processes and development tools, including a new bug tracking system. I was taking notes today while I experimented with the bug tracking system, and I … Continue reading

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Movies, not for Americans:

I really enjoyed the live-action “Great Teacher Onizuka”, so when I found out that Takashi Sorimachi, Onizuka-sensei’s actor had been in a big budget movie in 2005, I had to track it down. That movie – “Otokotachi no Yamato”, which … Continue reading

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Threatening signs, not terribly effective:

This is a door from the parking garage at my previous employer. I say “parking garage” when what it really was was a tin can factory that had gone out of business, had the walls knocked out and some stripes … Continue reading

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