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The Week of Homework

Good thing about taking two online courses in the same term from the same teacher – you get to know them, which is important when both are writing / english related.  I’m of the opinion that at least half of … Continue reading

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Mouse & Keyboard… how very odd.

Back towards the beginning of the year, when I was trying out Vanguard, I upgraded my PC. I wound up with something that would play Vanguard on the highest visual settings and actually push out 35 fps or so. This … Continue reading

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Memorial day weekend…

Unfortunately I don’t know many veterans – only one, actually. My father-in-law served in Vietnam, but it seems kind of weird to call him up and say, uh, “thanks” So, like most Americans, I took the opportunity of this long … Continue reading

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Grammar checkers am fun

I have a new job, so I have to learn a whole new set of processes and development tools, including a new bug tracking system. I was taking notes today while I experimented with the bug tracking system, and I … Continue reading

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Movies, not for Americans:

I really enjoyed the live-action “Great Teacher Onizuka”, so when I found out that Takashi Sorimachi, Onizuka-sensei’s actor had been in a big budget movie in 2005, I had to track it down. That movie – “Otokotachi no Yamato”, which … Continue reading

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Threatening signs, not terribly effective:

This is a door from the parking garage at my previous employer. I say “parking garage” when what it really was was a tin can factory that had gone out of business, had the walls knocked out and some stripes … Continue reading

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More on piles o’ stuff

It took far too long – six hours or so I’m guessing – but everything for eBay has been hooked up, tested, and photographed. Now I need to get the auctions going and I’ll be in a good mood for … Continue reading

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Piles o’ stuff

…that’s what our living room is full of now. One pile o’ Jaguar & Jaguar CD stuff. One pile o’ Nintendo 64 stuff. One pile o’ Virtual Boy stuff. One very small pile o’ 3DO stuff. One pile o’ SNES … Continue reading

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This is one of our cats.  Her name is Willow.  Isn’t she cute? Of course, while she’s being so cute and all that, she’s lying directly on my homework and my student loan paperwork, using my Literature book as a … Continue reading

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I broke my No-RPG rule again…

Last time, it was for Shining Tears – this time, for the European-but-trying-hard-to-be-Japanese XBox RPG “Sudeki” Just like Shining Tears, it’s an action RPG with fairly limited character customization. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the degree of character … Continue reading

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