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I broke my No-RPG rule again…

Last time, it was for Shining Tears – this time, for the European-but-trying-hard-to-be-Japanese XBox RPG “Sudeki” Just like Shining Tears, it’s an action RPG with fairly limited character customization. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that the degree of character … Continue reading

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P.N.03 – played & confused

Another game off the “to-play” stack, which is a good feeling. P.N.03 was a game that got some pretty poor reviews, and I can see why at the same time I see good things about it. The main character certainly … Continue reading

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Today, I am a man.

OK, well, that’s up to interpretation. But I did finish Ikaruga. Granted, I finished it by playing it until the “pity the shooter-impaired person” mode kicked in and the game switched into unlimited continues mode… The best I was able … Continue reading

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Shine on…

Shining Tears, while not a substitute for a new Shining Force game, turned out to be a really enjoyable experience. I don’t think I’ll be taking the offered “re-play in hard mode” option, even though I’m curious whether there are … Continue reading

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A confession…

As much as I have publicly mocked my wife for her succumbing to consumerism and the wiles of psuedo-Japanese fashion… …I actually think this tokidoki-designed figure is kind of cute.  Much ❤ for the heavily armed cow.

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Alaska trip is go! And Vista update

Got the email today from the travel agency saying that they’d charged us a huge sum of money and would be sending us travel documents, so come July we’re off for a bit over a week of hard core tourism … Continue reading

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Shining Tears, an interpretive version

Our hero: Boy, that was a heck of a lot of killing just to get to this boss. Who’s evil now, even though he’s supposed to be a legendary hero and not evil. Boss: Hi! (*keanu whoa*) Like, you’re still … Continue reading

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My wife is insane.

4 days ago, I had never heard of “Tokidoki” or “Harajuku Lovers”, and all I knew about Fossil was that they made watches. Then someone handed my wife a 20% off coupon for Macy’s, good through today. Since then… Two … Continue reading

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Becoming less Retro…

I love me some classic gaming action.  Unfortunately it takes up a lot of space, so stuff gets disconnected and put in closets and then just takes up space and never gets used. Also, I have a couple hundred non-played … Continue reading

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Vista Post #5, also forklifts.

In the inbox today: “Thank you for submitting your order for Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit CD/DVD OEM. Your order has been shipped. You should receive your order within 3 weeks. If you do not receive your order, please contact … Continue reading

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