My wife is insane.

4 days ago, I had never heard of “Tokidoki” or “Harajuku Lovers”, and all I knew about Fossil was that they made watches.

Then someone handed my wife a 20% off coupon for Macy’s, good through today.

Since then…

Two “Tokidoki” bags. One is a “Portotelefono”, but that sounds like something you should put a cellphone in and this thing is big enough for about 3 cellphones. The other is a “Buon Viaggio” which I’m guessing means something like “good vegetables” in Italian.

One “Fossil” bag, wallet, and I’m not sure what the last thing is, it looks like a thing you put credit cards in but for men that’s a “wallet” – do women have different kinds of wallets?

Two “Harajuku Lovers” purses, one of which is being pressed into service as a very stylish case for her DS, and the other I don’t think has an assigned purpose yet but has a kitty print on it so it had to be added to the collection, and a “Harajuku Lovers” cellphone case. That last is actually only sized for one cell phone. I don’t think it has a cool name like “Portotelefono” or anything.

Neither “Tokidoki” or “Harajuku Lovers” have anything to do with Japan, other than cashing in on japan fangirls, but they’re cute and have good names and that appears to be enough.

The collection of shame:


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