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Evil in a can.

I grew up in the 1980s, and if you weren’t around at the time, or if you’ve managed to block them out, people saw the devil at work in a lot of things. Rock Music, Comic Books, Video Games, Dungeons … Continue reading

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Weekends, well spent:

Oregon weather continues to be bloody pathetic for spring.  It is, however, perfect sit-inside-and-veg weather, so I took it as a sign that I should do so. Watched a little anime – “Spice and Wolf” and “Clannad”, watched some classic … Continue reading

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I can has real ending plz?

OK, OK, it could have been much worse. The cliffhanger at the end of Half Life 2 wasn’t as bad of an ending as, say, Halo 2, and it probably won’t be TOO long until they get Episode 3 out … Continue reading

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You bastards.

Each and every one of you that read yesterday’s post, where I talked about how much I hated headcrabs and was at “Water Hazard” in Half-Life 2 and did NOT have the simple common human decency to send me a … Continue reading

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I’m still a man, really.

I try not to have multiple games going at the same time, but my wife and I started Kingdom Hearts this weekend.  It makes a nice “together” game in the way that Half Life 2 does not make a nice … Continue reading

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Sucking it up; Dealing.

Back in January, I caught up to 1998 and finished Half Life on the PC. Then, since I had a copy of the Xbox version of Half Life 2, which I’d acquired at a K-mart for the princely sum of … Continue reading

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My Chemistry Teacher Comes Clean.

OK. So I took an online chemistry course last term and it was an exercise in frustration, not the least because the instructor took his own bloody sweet time about getting our assignments graded. Put this way:  During the course … Continue reading

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The Maid Uniform and Machinegun

I usually try to come up with clever post titles, but how on earth do I out-clever a game title like that? Anyway: The Maid Uniform and Machinegun, #105 in the “Simple 2000” series. Do I NEED to say this … Continue reading

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Being a purist; being let down.

My introduction to bullet-hell style shooters came a few years ago in the form of a brutally localized game called “Mobile Light Force 2” It is a translation, and I use the term quite loosely, of Shikigami no Shiro.  I … Continue reading

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Dumb luck.

So, I’ve been looking for Planescape: Torment for a while now. This is the Infinity Engine RPG that always seems to come up when people start talking about Really Good RPGs.  It’s got enough of a Reputation that I’m willing … Continue reading

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