Being a purist; being let down.

My introduction to bullet-hell style shooters came a few years ago in the form of a brutally localized game called “Mobile Light Force 2”

It is a translation, and I use the term quite loosely, of Shikigami no Shiro.  I could get deeper into the details of the damages done to the title in localization, but others have done it far better then I could ever hope to.

Anyway, even with the bastardizations done to the title in the name of making it more palatable to domestic tastes, I quite liked the game, so I made sure to hunt down the original title when I was in Japan last August.  After doing so, of course, I let it sit on a shelf for the last seven months.

I decided I’d sit down last night and give it a go, expecting to be blown away by getting to play it As It Was Intended.  Because, well, when you’re an obsessive purist, you like to think that you’re obsessive about Things That Matter.
In retrospect, I should not have set my sights so high.  Yeah, it was nice to have the original title screen and interstage art, and also nice to have the original voices, but it wasn’t like playing an entirely different game – it wasn’t like the “Street Combat” localization of the first Super Famicom Ranma  1/2 game.  Somehow I’d gotten it into my head that the original title featured cinemas and voiceovers that had been hacked out of the game, and, well, it didn’t.

Either way you play it, it’s still an excellent shooter and features a cute witch with glasses, so you really can’t lose.

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