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Weird 90’s Anime: Weathering Continent

I have a long and complicated history with a rather forgettable bit of 90s anime called “The Weathering Continent”, or Kaze no Tairiku if you want to get all Japanese on me. Like a lot of anime, I ran across … Continue reading

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You need to spend $10 right now.

For the record, I had originally intended to entitle this post “Buy it, Fanboy”, but then I couldn’t remember where I’d gotten that phrase from so I had to google it and well… …I’m a bit ashamed. I think the … Continue reading

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Assassin’s Creed II: The Creedening

So, I said about a week ago that I’d be talking about Assassin’s Creed in a couple of days, but it turns out that I was wrong about that by a few days. For the record, I did manage 4 … Continue reading

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Cleaning all the things

It’s rare that my wife makes me sit down and read something funny on the internet.  Usually she’s content to describe funny things, or occasionally forward me a particularly amusing cat picture, but she doesn’t make me read anything longform … Continue reading

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Resident Evil Blues

Well, Resident Evil: Code Veronica has the distinction of being the first RE title that I’ve actually gotten a fair ways in to and was actually chugging my way towards completing when I decided to chuck the whole thing. There … Continue reading

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Photography revisited

So, almost three years ago – dear god, it’s been that long? – I put this post up where I griped about having trouble getting good photographs of, well, stuff, specifically anime figurines. Anyway, I got some useful comments on … Continue reading

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PoP: The Forgotten Sands: Epilogue

Well, Forgotten Sands DID add a companion for the last couple of chapters and DID add a fair bit of banter, so my complaints from yesterday did get addressed somewhat. I’m still going to rank it as my third-favorite, but … Continue reading

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Prince of Persia: Now With Less Banter

I seem to have a yearly ritual going where I play through a game from the Prince of Persia series.  2008 was Sands of Time, 2009 was, uh, the 2008 “Prince of Persia”, and 2010 is Prince of Persia: The … Continue reading

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Yeah, we’ll just mark this one off and move on.

So, after putting Idol Janshi wo Tsukucchaou to bed, I had a couple of Dreamcast titles left that weren’t RPGs, and I figured that playing through one or both of them might be a good idea. I chose Jet Grind … Continue reading

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About that resolution…

A few days ago, I mentioned that I’d missed my goal of working through my Dreamcast backlog by 9/9/2010, and that was apparently sufficient shame to convince me to go back and boot up the little white box and play … Continue reading

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