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Rants about manga

Summer’s pretty much ended in Oregon, we’ve got rainy days and cloudy skies in our future for the foreseeable future, and the temperature is dropping down into the low teens celsius.  In addition, I just read an article at Colony … Continue reading

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Soft Cream

I’m a big fan of soft-serve ice cream, I think it’s pretty much the definition of the perfect summer treat. Japan, fortunately, agrees with me, though they just call the stuff “Soft Cream” and leave it at that. This last … Continue reading

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A Rather Decent Sequel

About a week ago, I finished up Bloodrayne.  It wasn’t a particularly great game – it had a bad case of Ugly First Level Syndrome, for a start, and character animation was pretty atrocious, and the story went all the … Continue reading

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Missed resolutions

So it’s the ninth of September, marking the 11th anniversary of the North American Dreamcast launch, and I’ve not done well with my goal from last September. I had planned to, over the last year, finish up my Dreamcast backlog … Continue reading

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Back to Stabbing Mans

So, Assassin’s Creed came out for the 2007 holidays, I think I got it as a birthday or holiday gift sometime in 2008, finally played it in August of 2009.  For me, that’s actually almost being up-to-date with a series. … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Movie of the Game

Being in Japan for a couple of months, I wound up missing most of the Big Summer Movies.  Fortunately, we have a $1.50 movie theater in town that has most of them playing right now, so my wife and I … Continue reading

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The Movie of the Game

I have a habit after playing a game.  Once the ending credits roll and I’ve had a little time to reflect on how much fun or unfun it was, THEN I read reviews of it. Some people would say that … Continue reading

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Things that go bounce in the night

It’s been a bad month for video game Nazis. Choosing to play through Bloodrayne made thematic sense; it’s a natural follow-up to both Bayonetta and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.  Like Bayonetta, it panders pretty heavily to base male instinct, and … Continue reading

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Predictions, accurate:

As often happens, I was looking up information about something completely unrelated when I ran across this gallery of classic computer ads on BoingBoing.  I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’m old enough and was a geek from early … Continue reading

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So about Bayonetta…

Finished “Bayonetta” this afternoon.  Having done so, I’m very glad that I took the advice of the community and ratcheted the difficulty down a notch, to “Easy” (although there is a “Very Easy” difficulty that I didn’t have to stoop … Continue reading

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