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How Pink Am I?

I am pretty goddamn pink, I tell you what. Not a whole lot of comments on FFXIV just yet, as I’m still in the pre-level-10 stage of running around and collecting between three and six animal body parts for people … Continue reading

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This should make PERFECT sense, right?

I’m not normally prone to buying new games on day one, but this came bundled with a recent graphics card purchase. This is going to be my first crack at a Metal Gear Solid game since trying the original PS1 … Continue reading

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Square Enix, You Are Bad At This

I’ve been, like, 99% MMO clean for a few months now. It feels pretty good!  I’ve cleared a ton of single player games, done some house projects, and generally reveled in all the free time you have when you’re not … Continue reading

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I thought I knew what these words meant

…but, trust me, right now I’m hoping they don’t mean what I think they mean.  And, even if there’s a less-disturbing meaning, I still don’t think this is anything I’d want to put on my hair. Seriously, you could print … Continue reading

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Waifus In Spaaaaaaaace

I really don’t play a ton of JRPGs – not because I dislike the genre, but because they tend to be rather long affairs and I just don’t have the hours to devote to them like I did back when … Continue reading

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Stabbity Stabbity Pokey Pokey

It’s been a while since I’ve finished two games on the same day, and I honestly don’t know if there are two games in my collection that could possibly be any more different. The Rub Rabbits! is a prequel to … Continue reading

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Numbers! Part Two

Warning: Dreadfully dull post full of navel gazing ahead. Last year around this time, I realized that I’d been keeping track of my backlog progress for seven years, and that I’d finished 250 games in those seven years, and then … Continue reading

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How many barrels will thy vengeance yield thee?

Call me Ishmael. Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no money in my purse and a fondness for digital entertainment,  I thought I would sail about the iOS app store and see what … Continue reading

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False Idols

After knocking the K-On! rhythm game out of the backlog last week, I went back to the PSP shelf, picked up Megpoid The Music#, booted it for long enough to do the data install, and stuck it in my bag … Continue reading

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Hey now, Hey now, Ika Ika Un-day

I’ve been playing Splatoon in a very relaxed fashion since its release, finishing the single player, doing some Amiibo challenges, logging on for Splatfests, that sort of thing.  I saw people at the level cap of twenty within its first … Continue reading

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