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Dark Souls III: There IS an easy mode.

It’s been nearly two years since I decided to man up and see what all the hype about “Demon’s Souls” was about, and that lead to me spending most of April and May of 2016 playing through that game and … Continue reading

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On Secret Weapons

So, I had to be on a conference call from home tonight, and my only role was to sit and listen for my name and answer questions if asked.  We’ve been having this call every night so far this week … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Battlefront II, March 21st Update: A New Hope?

Earlier this year, I rented Star Wars: Battlefront II – mostly just to play through the single-player campaign since they actually did one this time.  In the process, I tried out the game’s “Starfighter Assault” multiplayer mode, and had way … Continue reading

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The Beige Box, Part One

So, I mentioned that I had a new piece of very old hardware come into my home a few weeks ago, and I wanted to show off some of what I’d been doing with it in the meantime.  I also … Continue reading

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TERA for consoles is a hot mess.

So, I’ve been quite a fan of Enmasse’s TERA MMORPG for the last several years.  I got on-board at launch, went MMO-crazy as one does with a new obsession and played almost nothing else for several months, then retired it … Continue reading

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Eleven Years Blog

Another year of blogging down, and another 30000 or so views since this time last year.  For a blog that’s 90% me talking about playing games very badly, I’m kind of amazed it gets that much traffic. Mind you, my … Continue reading

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