Eleven Years Blog

Another year of blogging down, and another 30000 or so views since this time last year.  For a blog that’s 90% me talking about playing games very badly, I’m kind of amazed it gets that much traffic.

Mind you, my most popular post over the last few months has been a post describing where you can find the code to open your Amazon locker to get your package out, so maybe I should thank them for making that process confusing.

Now, last year, Nintendo marked the 10th anniversary (3/3/2017) of Baud Attitude by launching their latest console, but I don’t have anything that exciting lined up this year.  I am going to be doing a bit of video work and have a project lined up that I hope everyone will get a kick out of.

Here’s a sneak peek:

SO beige.  Look forward to it!



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