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RIP Saturn: 5/11/1995 – 11/30/1998

Today marks the 9th anniversary of the last US-released Sega Saturn game – Magic Knight Rayearth, released 11/30/1998. It’s tempting to rant about how many mistakes Sega made, both with the Saturn and then with the Dreamcast after it. It’s … Continue reading

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Monster Burger!

OK, OK, photos of weird Japanese fast food aren’t that exciting.  I’ll try not to do this too often. But it snowed yesterday.  It’s bloody cold.  I cannot be faulted for looking through vacation photos from August in an effort … Continue reading

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If you’re at all wondering what it tasted like, just imagine a sausage patty with a bit of lettuce and teriyaki sauce on a McDonald’s hamburger bun. The double cheeseburger was, well, pretty much like any McDonald’s double cheeseburger at … Continue reading

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Ironically, this was in math class.

So I’m talking to a classmate last night, and he’s telling me about a job he interviewed for.  Apparently the interviewer told him that there were guys with “ten years experience” applying for the same job, but the interviewer “really … Continue reading

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They should fill more things with custard.

OK, I know that line is taken pretty much straight from a Penny Arcade strip, but I think it’s good words to live by. Today I would like to tell you about things that are filled with custard. But, first, … Continue reading

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When wiki no worky

This morning found me browsing the “worst x of all time” category on Wikipedia. I do this from time to time when I need schadenfreude. There’s something delightfully enjoyable about seeing stuff that got hyped to high heaven getting torn … Continue reading

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6 days until the JLPT…

So, I took last year’s 3kyuu test tonight, after finishing up the exercises in my Grammar test book. Score: Kanji & Vocab : 41/55 Listening: 15/23 Grammar & Reading: 37/50 These are not great scores.  They ARE passing scores, but … Continue reading

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These Tombs, they won’t raid themselves.

I shouldn’t be doing any gaming at the moment. I have finals coming up in two weeks and the JLPT3 in 8 days. Still… I have been packing on a lot of stress, and there’s only so much hitting the … Continue reading

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Speaking of pandering…

I think I’ve made my position very clear on just how I feel about being pandered to:  I’m in favor of it. From the searches that bring people to this site – I’m not alone here.  People come here looking … Continue reading

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A wedding story.

So. A couple of years ago, I’m working in an office building called Montgomery Park, in Portland. The reason it’s called Montgomery Park is that it used to be a Montgomery Ward’s warehouse, and by not changing the name much, … Continue reading

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