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I should know better.

If you look through any few months of posts on this blog, you may notice a common theme – I feel a little buried by the amount of stuff I own and would like to have less stuff.  I have … Continue reading

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On Controller Resurrections

A few years back, I picked up an 8bitdo SNES30 controller for use with emulators, and it’s gotten a new life recently thanks to 8bitdo updating their firmware to add Nintendo Switch compatibility. Granted, it was a pain to actually … Continue reading

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If you think Mahjong ain’t happening, get down with the midnight fever.

OK.  So I am probably one of about ten people who still remembers Super Zugan, a Kitty Films / Studio Dean production from the early 90s, but the damn theme song keeps getting stuck in my head whenever I buy … Continue reading

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Generation Loss

So, if you were ever active in trading around videotapes of obscure TV shows or anime, you’re probably familiar with the idea of generation loss – the idea that, the farther away from the original source you get, the less … Continue reading

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Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II

Another day, another decades-old strip mahjong game off the backlog. So a bit of a historical note here – there was not a lot of software available when the Saturn launched in North America.  It never did terribly well, but … Continue reading

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Idol Mahjong Final Romance 4 : Romancing the Pai

So, this is a weird but ultimately very fun bit of Saturn history. Most console mahjong games – and, by the way, I learned today that Wikipedia has an entire category page for “dasui mahjong”, or “strip mahjong” games – … Continue reading

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Mahjong, Ponies, Stealth, and Shooting Mans

So, I’d planned to finish Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil last week, which would have been the last non-spin-off entry in the series for me. Sadly, it turns out that I am not very good at the sort of traditional platforming … Continue reading

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Jeux D’un Certain Âge

I’m not ever going to claim to be particularly athletic, but today was quite possibly the most immobile I’ve been in some while.  I split it between watching TV with my wife and playing through Saturn games that are old … Continue reading

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I loves me some pai.

See, the counter for mahjong tiles is “-ぱい” so uh it’s a joke that is either incredibly opaque or painfully lame depending on your point of view.  Not that clever.  Moving on. I got introduced to Japanese-style mahjong – as … Continue reading

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Corral Demons, Repel Aliens, Play Mahjong

You know, the plot behind your average mahjong game is something like, you meet a strange girl who wants to play mahjong and who is willing to show you her knickers if she loses, you play a lot of mahjong, … Continue reading

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