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A Bloodborne Primer

That’s a bit of a misleading title, because this isn’t really a primer. A few days ago, I talked a friend into trying Bloodborne, and watching him play through the opening bits made me want to play them again.  I … Continue reading

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Look, Peach, you know I’m always coming home to you but sometimes a man just has to have his Nep-Nep time, you know what I mean? I’m not the world’s biggest Mario fan but this may have been the single … Continue reading

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One of my many hobbies is giving people bad life advice. Fortunately my friends and family have learned to ignore me.

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OK, NOW I Beat WoW

…OK, still not really, but I did finish one of the big parts of the Legion expansion, the class campaign.  This is a fairly long affair, largely because there are some mandatory timesinks in the middle – you need to … Continue reading

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On Level Scaling. 

So, I promised everyone a rant about Legion, and now that I’m at level cap, I have one to share.  Let me provide some context first.  I had a friend over on Saturday, and convinced him to give Bloodborne a … Continue reading

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I’ve Mended Something, Redux

I don’t have good luck with PS3s.  It’s surprising, because that generation was known for Xbox 360s exploding and PS3s were considered to be fairly stable, but I’ve had the drives go out in both a 60GB launch model and … Continue reading

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On the Benefits of Lacking Shame

I’ve been employed in the tech industry for the better part of the last three decades, so you might imagine that I work with a whole lotta nerds – and, to be fair, I do. Some of them are kind … Continue reading

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