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Asparagus Bacon

Let me preface this by saying that I am not part of the recent Cult of Bacon that seems to have taken over the world.  Honestly, if there’s a meme I’d like to see die faster, I can’t think of … Continue reading

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Spaces, Invaded

I am officially old enough that things I remember from my youth are starting to have “30th Anniversary Editions”, which isn’t really THAT bad and I promise not to get all depressed about it until stuff starts having “50th Anniversary … Continue reading

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Boys Choir, here I come.

Wow, that’s possibly the creepiest article title I’ve come up with yet.  I will explain. Well, first, some backstory. Some of the earliest anime titles licensed for the American market were titles that had been produced by Studio Gainax.  They … Continue reading

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More from the Hive Mind

So, having a portable media pl… oh, all right, I’ll just come out and say it… an iPod that can hold all of our music collection has lead to some interesting revelations. First revelation:  We have a lot of music; … Continue reading

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Gadget related ranting.

So, I had to put together a three-page paper on “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, due tomorrow, and hadn’t actually done any work on it. Which is to say, I had a page written on “I Have a Dream”, but it … Continue reading

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In the Ecosystem

OK, so we’ve all heard the cautionary tales about self-replicating machines; the idea being that once our electronic servants reach a certain level of complexity they will be able to build more machines, and it’s pretty much a slippery slope … Continue reading

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Building a Better Basket

So if you’ve read the last couple weeks of posts, you know just how proud I am of the Windows Server 2008 box I put together, put all our media on, and then… most importantly… actually backed up. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Japanophilia; reasons why

So, I occasionally buy a Japanese gadget magazine called Digimono Station.  This would be a terribly, terribly bad idea if I knew of any Japanese electronic retailers that ship to the US, because it’s a couple hundred pages of nothing … Continue reading

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My sickness has a name

So, over the last few trips to Japan, with occasional orders from cdjapan and, I’ve picked up: Four MOSAIC.WAV albums, one single, four Kotoko albums, one single, and the Please Teacher! Music DVD, two Perfume albums, and a Perfume … Continue reading

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It’s Educational. Honest.

Get out the leg-warmers and crack open a New Coke, Martha, because you need to be in an 80s mind to understand this next line: If Alex P. Keaton was a) Japanese, b) a little too interested in little girls … Continue reading

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