Japanophilia; reasons why

So, I occasionally buy a Japanese gadget magazine called Digimono Station.  This would be a terribly, terribly bad idea if I knew of any Japanese electronic retailers that ship to the US, because it’s a couple hundred pages of nothing but incredibly keen electronic toys.

Granted, most of them are cell phones, so they wouldn’t work in this country, but what the hell, I still have gadget lust that can be slaked by pawing photos of shiny things.

This magazine also has a monthly feature called “BijyoMegane”, where they devote 3 or 4 pages to glamour-style photos of a – clothed, mind you – model.  Having a few pin-up-style pages is pretty common in Japanese magazines, actually, it’s sort of like Page 3 girls but a little more tasteful.  The name of the feature may clue you in to the particular spin Digimono Station puts on the topic.

In my defense, I DO buy the magazine for the gadgets.  It wasn’t until I’d purchased a couple of issues that I realized, hey, there’s a pattern here.

Anyway, it’d been a while since I’d bought an issue so I thought I’d see if they had a web site, and they do, and it’s actually really light on articles because, presumably, they want you to go and buy the magazine.  It was a little disappointing because I was hoping to get my gadget fix.

So I’m poking around what little content they DO have and I wind up in the “store” section of their site, with the featured product being gravure-style photobooks of their BijyoMegane features.


Now, I’m not actually going to drop Y1700 per to OWN these, mind you, it just warms my perverted little heart to know that I could, if I want to, buy books – three volumes, in fact – full of nothing but pictures of cute girls wearing glasses.

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2 Responses to Japanophilia; reasons why

  1. frogflinger says:

    If you’re going to buy these, we’ll need to buy a couch first – so you have somewhere to sleep 🙂

    Anime meganeko are fine – live-action, not so much


  2. baudattitude says:

    I have all the live action meganekko a man could ever need, but I felt that this was important to share with my fellow perverts.


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