Building a Better Basket

So if you’ve read the last couple weeks of posts, you know just how proud I am of the Windows Server 2008 box I put together, put all our media on, and then… most importantly… actually backed up.

I’ve been feeling pretty smug, actually, which is what the Greeks used to call hubris, which means that the gods were pretty much guaranteed to take a personal interest in de-hubrising me.

See, I learned something from English 105.  That whole Greeks-and-hubris thing, there, that’s pretty much straight from a lecture on Oedipus.

So the gods, as it were, decided to take a personal interest on Friday night when I was sitting at my PC, which gave me a front-row seat when the power cut out.  The sound of every fan and hard drive in the room suddenly spinning down was, well, it was not a good sound.

Mind you, there was no harm done because I wasn’t actually reading from or writing to the server at the time, but it made me go out and buy a 450W UPS, which actually wasn’t TOO expensive, and then I had the quite enjoyable experience of setting it up, plugging in the server, installing the software, letting the batteries charge a bit, and then pulling the cord right out of the wall.

5 minutes later, the server shut itself down safely and sanely, so all should be well in future.

Got to watch the old hubris, though.

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