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Maybe a little uncivilized…

Civilization is one of those long-running franchises that I’ve never really taken a crack at before.  It’s got that… reputation to it, the one where you start playing at 8 PM with the goal of getting in just one or … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

If you start typing “happiness is” into Google, it naturally gives you a great many suggestions. My personal favorite is “happiness is a red popsicle”, though I confess that spending the last 25 years on the Internet has me worried … Continue reading

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You might want a comfortable chair…

I am rather beginning to suspect that I may choose games to play based solely on the amount of time it would take to explain them to my mum. For example, Call of Duty, which I could explain in the … Continue reading

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Well, that’s a novel way to do things.

I spent the weekend sick as a dog, but still managed to accomplish two things: 1) I am playing a “Civilization” game for the first time ever, specifically Civilization V, and I have discovered that its reputation for making time … Continue reading

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Milestones, check

My wife and I have had a fairly complicated method of organizing DVDs that means that it’s been tricky to define how much progress I’ve made on the project of converting all of our assorted home video formats into something … Continue reading

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Ripping progress and rants.

Getting all of our movies converted for iTunes has been progressing, but a little slowly. I’ve finished ripping and encoding up through “Troy” as of last night, so I have, uh, U V X Y and Z to do. That’s … Continue reading

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Do Do Egg! …No, seriously.

  After playing through Battle Cats this last week, I decided that I would check out the other games that Ponos had developed. I wound up downloading Do Do Egg!, a 0.99 color match sort of game that does its … Continue reading

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In Year 2013, War Was Beginning

    It’s been a long 50 years since Spacewar first burned through CPU cycles on a PDP-11, and there have been a lot of games written and played in those years. There’s a temptation to ask, sometimes, if there … Continue reading

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