Well, that’s a novel way to do things.

I spent the weekend sick as a dog, but still managed to accomplish two things:

1) I am playing a “Civilization” game for the first time ever, specifically Civilization V, and I have discovered that its reputation for making time vanish very quickly is well deserved.

2) I have done a lot of DVD ripping and encoding and have stumbled across the single most-oddly-mastered DVD yet, a rather forgettable Media Blasters release from 2000 called “Legend of the Lost Labyrinth”.

It has two audio tracks, which is pretty normal, but it doesn’t have subtitle tracks.  Rather, the feature has two angles – one angle with no subtitles and one angle with subtitles burned in.  Presumably this is so they could use their existing masters from the VHS release, which doesn’t give me a lot of hope for the picture quality. Still, points for taking advantage of a rather rarely-used feature of the DVD specification.

Off to bed I go.  With any luck, I’ll be in shape for work in the morning.


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