Milestones, check

My wife and I have had a fairly complicated method of organizing DVDs that means that it’s been tricky to define how much progress I’ve made on the project of converting all of our assorted home video formats into something that iTunes can handle and that can therefore be piped to an AppleTV or copied to an iPad.

Basically, our video shelves are more or less in these categories:

English-Language Movies

English-Language Television

English-Language TV Animation

“Foreign” movies & TV, though this really means “Stuff with subtitles” instead of truly foreign movies.



…I’m probably missing one or two small ones.

Anyway, the first category of films I finished was foreign movies, which was one of the smaller ones, but I converted “Zardoz” today, which was the last English-language movie on the shelf, and now if you look at the tail end of our iTunes library it looks something like this:



Now, I won’t deny that I have quite a ways to go at this point – Anime is a massive undertaking still, and I’ve just sort of been picking at its edges here and there, and I haven’t done much more than the occasional hit-and-run on the domestic animation section, but at least I have two categories finished.



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