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I’m thinking of a number between 7 and 9…

Installed Windows 8 on my main PC tonight. So far, Metro is kind of obnoxious and the transitions between it and the traditional desktop are nothing short of jarring. On the other hand, it’s replaced all the chrome and translucent … Continue reading

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Double Damned

I can’t really recommend Springfield, Oregon to anyone. That is to say, there’s nothing you can really point to about the town and say, specifically, that this or that other thing makes it a bad place to live or visit, … Continue reading

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Strap on your kitty ears, and save the world.

  With every computer with any kind of muscle around here spending most of its life crunching h.264, I haven’t done a whole lot of gaming. Well, I did have a good friend over for a day of blowing up … Continue reading

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It’s been about 18 months since I built my latest PC.  I do everything that could be charitably described as “work” on my 2009 Macbook Pro, so the PC is mostly used for gaming and video encoding. Not that the … Continue reading

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Oh dear God, numbers

Remaining English-language DVD movies to rip: ~270 Remaining Movies (anime, foreign) to rip: ~160 TV season DVD sets, non-anime: 182 TV season DVD sets, anime: 174 Note that while anime TV seasons includes OVAs, so there’s stuff like Video Girl … Continue reading

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How to know you are spoiled as all get out

Before I left home for work this morning, I started an 80 GB file copy from the encoding PC to a holding volume on the Mac Mini that serves as our file server. It churned away for a couple of … Continue reading

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In which I continue to make progress.

It was a very productive weekend as far as whipping video files into shape goes. After my Handbrake-related epiphany last week, I’ve managed to turn a little under two hundred mkv files into m4v files, while hard-coding subtitles, then converted … Continue reading

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Man vs. MKV III: Clever Subtitle Here

I tend to bounce between projects quite often, and recently I’ve been back at work on converting video into something that I can import into iTunes so it can play on the AppleTV in the living room. My end game … Continue reading

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Tracking The Captain

I was sitting at work, with about an hour left in the day, when my mobile phone rang with a Seattle number I didn’t recognize. It’s an election year, so I’ve been getting a lot of survey calls, and my … Continue reading

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