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I finished “Love Live: School Idol Festival” and survived

To get things out of the way:  Love Live: School Idol Festival is a free-to-play rhythm game with Gacha elements where you can tap your way through many cheery songs from the Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! franchise, while … Continue reading

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How’s that again?

I’ve been playing Love Live! School Idol Project for a couple of years now.  It’s pretty much the only mobile game I play, and honestly I don’t really PLAY it that often.  I open it most days to get the … Continue reading

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I got a new phone, and it’s OK.

So, let me take a minute to unpack this:  Modern smartphones are pretty much magical devices by this point.  I am still lightly flabbergasted at the notion that you can cram a battery-powered computer into a six-inch slab of aluminum … Continue reading

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In which, I weep for my bank account

So, another September, another iPhone reveal.  This year, both an iPhone 8/8+ and an iPhone Executive Edition, neither of which I will buy as my 6s+ is still a ridiculously good phone. Also a new Apple Watch which is slightly … Continue reading

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The End (of 32-bit apps) is Nigh

Next week’s iPhone presentation is going to be an interesting one.  Apple has never been shy to ditch features (the 30-pin connector, the headphone jack), but it’s known that iOS 11 is going to mean dropping support for 32-bit iOS … Continue reading

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I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

Couple of articles on the Don’t Call It Gawker network that I felt the need to mention. First, this bit talking about the end of support for 32-bit iOS apps as of iOS 11, whenever that comes out.  This is … Continue reading

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Li-Li-Li-Li-Lili, Li-Li-Li-Li-Lili

Another day, another short iOS game knocked off the backlog. Lili (the “Child of Geos” subtitle seems to have been added for the PC release) is a surprisingly well-crafted iOS adventure game, especially when you consider that it can be … Continue reading

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