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To Heart 2: A Minor Snag

I’m so very proud of myself; I’ve actually made it through the PROLOGUE in ToHeart2.  That’s, oh, maybe a hundredth of the way thorough the game and it’s taken me 3 hours or so of fervent dictionary use. Playing a … Continue reading

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This is the sort of thing my wife has to put up with

Her text is in white, my reply in green It’s a wonder that she hasn’t strangled me in my sleep yet.  

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Living In Just One Mind

This is probably going to break me. But first, some backstory. I went through a period of a few years where I kind of fell away from being an anime fan, for various reasons.  Lack of money, lack of time, … Continue reading

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Again With The Zombies

Before the recent boom in supernatural fiction, I never really thought much about the undead.  Sure, I’d hacked my way through my share of animated skeletons and zombies in many an RPG, but they were just sort of incidental monsters, … Continue reading

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It’s more than a little weird being out of school, even five months after I graduated.  I spent the better part of five years defining myself as a student who just happened to be doing other things at the same … Continue reading

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Wii PoP and Rain in MMOs

I put The Forgotten Sands aside for a couple of days while I was trying out D&D Online, but I’ve gotten back to it.  The more I get in to it, the more I’m glad to have picked it up … Continue reading

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In which I try an F2P MMORPG

I don’t think it’s any shocker to anyone that my formative years revolved, in great part, around a bag full of polyhedral dice and a handful of friends with whom to roll them. Dungeons and Dragons is something that I … Continue reading

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