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The DVD Spec is Surprisingly Flexible

Way back in June, I finished ripping the last of the DVDs that we own.  This sounds like amazing progress, but the truth is that ripping is only the first step in getting them ready for our media server so … Continue reading

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Netflix needs to work on its recommendation algorithm

There is actually a perfectly reasonable explanation for this, but it did take me a minute or two to get over my look of utter disbelief: Actually I think I might want to watch the Tinker Bell movie.  Don’t judge … Continue reading

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I still hate Ravenholm.

I recently discovered that, according to the incredibly depressing, it would take me 184 days of continuous playing, without breaks for sleep or eating, to finish the unplayed games in my Steam library.  That ignores all the console games … Continue reading

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Pony School Musical

So, not many posts recently.  Normally I blame MMO addiction, and I HAVE been spending too many hours in Everquest, but I actually had some excitement over the holidays that has had me somewhat distracted.  The short version is that … Continue reading

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