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PSA: Cheap Ponies on iTunes

It’s a bit of a silly thing to complain about, but ever since Apple switched from selling My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in season sets to selling it in 13-Episode “volumes”, it’s been kind of overpriced.  Last I checked, … Continue reading

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Ultimate Pony Merch

If there was ever any doubt that Hasbro has fully embraced their unexpected market of full-grown men who love the ponies, this should put it to rest: The “Nightmare Night” version of Derpy the Pony Who Shall Not Be Named.  … Continue reading

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More Pony Merch

I will not acknowledge any shame for liking the Equestria Girls MLP-spinoff movies.  They’re a pretty naked attempt to get a piece of the fashion doll market by stretching the improbably-popular Friendship Is Magic series to its limits, but they … Continue reading

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New Pony Merch (Technically not a Pony)

Being a 40-something guy with a great fondness for the recent My Little Pony series already puts me into something of a fringe fandom (and, probably, on to several FBI watchlists), but really enjoying the “Equestria Girls” spinoff movies puts … Continue reading

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Pony School Musical

So, not many posts recently.  Normally I blame MMO addiction, and I HAVE been spending too many hours in Everquest, but I actually had some excitement over the holidays that has had me somewhat distracted.  The short version is that … Continue reading

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Eine kleine Nachtmusik

I do not often shop at Hot Topic.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I am so far outside of their target demographic that I may as well not even live on the same planet as … Continue reading

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Twilight Sparkle, Zombie Hunter

After finishing Onechanbara Z Kagura, it crossed my mind that I had another game on the shelf about dismembering zombies with a chainsaw. I’ve only ever finished one of Suda51’s games, that being Killer7, but it made a heck of … Continue reading

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Ponies do Justice League

I love this cover so very much: Sure, it makes almost no sense to drop a homage to a 26-year-old superhero comic onto a 2013-released comic ostensibly aimed at kids, but I love the way it copies both the visual … Continue reading

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I finally have a way…

…to explain to my family and friends what it is exactly that I do for a living. All I need to do is have them watch this, and explain that I’m the one on the right.  

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