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End of Ripping Project

So, one of the bad things about the last decade of writing down more or less whatever came into my head at any given time is that I can look back to 2009 and drag up posts like this one: … Continue reading

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Splatfest Results, and WiiU Image Uploading

So, let’s start by getting this out of the way: Boom indeed.  But, to be fair, it was awfully close, so we shouldn’t look down on the heretical Callie devotees with TOO much scorn. We will need someone to shovel … Continue reading

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It’s the faaaaaiiiiiinal countdown

Wait no it isn’t.  Sorry, Europe. It is WAS, however, the final Splatfest this weekend, and even though I haven’t been playing Splatoon in the last several months, I felt obligated to log on and do my best for Team … Continue reading

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Sakura Dungeon: Collect Shiny Things, Save The World

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that Sekai Project finances their “serious” localization projects with a constant stream of comparatively low-budget borderline-lewd visual novels, and as much as I would like to claim that I am above such … Continue reading

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This isn’t funny.

I mean, it’s just an unfortunate combination of some easily misread text combined with placement on a photo that just happens to draw your attention to someone’s butt.  You would need to have all of the sophistication of a 12-year-old … Continue reading

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Retail Therapy

So, back in April, I had a filling come out.  Like a big doof, I decided that it wasn’t really bothering me THAT much and I had an appointment scheduled for the middle of July for a cleaning ANYWAY so … Continue reading

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Maybe “Infinity” was a bad choice of words.

Being as I have yet to grow up, every time I go into a store to buy grown-up items, I invariably wind up taking a pass through the video game section.  That’s how a simple trip to Target to buy … Continue reading

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In Which, I derp at Project Diva: Future Tone. 

It’s a good thing that I have absolutely no interest in any of the games coming out  between now and November, because the end of June was a little expensive.   I had pre-ordered both Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Star … Continue reading

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