It’s the faaaaaiiiiiinal countdown

Wait no it isn’t.  Sorry, Europe.

It is WAS, however, the final Splatfest this weekend, and even though I haven’t been playing Splatoon in the last several months, I felt obligated to log on and do my best for Team Marie.

Because Marie Best Squid.


Anyway, the event came with the requisite set of bad puns…


…and Marie snarkiness…


…and, of course, the Splatoon tradition of getting on a really good team and sticking with them for several wins in a row and then unceremoniously getting dumped by an inexplicable network error and winding up with a bunch of losers.

I will make no pretense of NOT being in that second category, mind you.  As mentioned, I haven’t played in months.

I did, however, wind up on far more winning teams than losing.  This is a pleasant change from previous Splatfests, and it made rising through the ranks much less of a grind.  Back in the very first Cats vs Dogs Splatfest, by way of contrast, I took over 40 matches to get from Champion to Queen.  That’s 99 points awarded 2 at a time for losses and 5 for wins, so you can imagine what my win ratio looked like.


This time it took about 25 matches.

It was a pretty good send-off for the events.  I’m a little sad to see them go, but at the same time a little startled that Nintendo actually gave Splatoon support for this long.  It’s a game that I honestly don’t think they’d have released if they hadn’t already been resigned to the WiiU’s position atop the rubbish heap of console history, and to their credit they recognized that they had something pretty neat and ran with it.


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