Splatfest Results, and WiiU Image Uploading

So, let’s start by getting this out of the way:

Splatoon 005 Final Score

Boom indeed.  But, to be fair, it was awfully close, so we shouldn’t look down on the heretical Callie devotees with TOO much scorn. We will need someone to shovel coal into the metaphorical engines of our True Queen’s glorious empire, after all.

Technically I guess if she had an empire, she’d be an Empress instead of a Queen?  I honestly don’t know if that’s exactly how it works.

The other good thing that came out of the Splatfest was that I got annoyed, and when I get annoyed I solve problems.

Specifically, while the WiiU provides a fairly easy way to TAKE screenshots (press the Home key while you’re in a game, as long as you’re somewhere the Home key works), it doesn’t make it easy to get them off the console.  I used to use the web browser to upload them to WordPress directly, but the WiiU’s web browser hasn’t been updated in years and no longer plays well with WordPress or Google Drive.

So, when I was taking screenshots yesterday, I used the Miiverse feature and just uploaded them to my Miiverse screenshot album.  I didn’t find out until well after the fact that screenshots uploaded to the Miiverse album are saved at 800×450.

So, like I said, I got annoyed.

Then, some googling (and you would be surprised at how difficult it was to actually come up with search terms for this) lead me to a python script by a gentleman (or gentlewoman, quite possibly) who goes by the name of bones7456.  It’s nothing more than a very simple http file server with upload functionality, and that’s exactly what I needed.

There’s a youtube video here that explains the whole thing.  I didn’t watch it, I just skipped to the file list in the comments, but it’s probably a good watch.

Anyway, once I had the python script, I just copied it to a linux box, made it executable, made a folder to transfer files into, RAN the python script, and then went to <ip address>:8000 from the WiiU’s web browser.  It’s super barebones – there’s a file list, a “browse” button which makes the WiiU’s screenshot dialog pop up, and an “upload” button to put the file on the server at full resolution with no recompression beyond the WiiU’s default .jpg compression.

One thing of moderate annoyance is that every screenshot from a given WiiU game will have the same file name.  Fortunately the script is smart enough to append an underscore to duplicate file names, so all it takes is a little renaming later.

So:  Team victory in the Splatfest and I now have a new tool to solve an annoying problem.  Good weekend so far.

Splatoon 007 I'm Gonna Miss This

It’s been a good time, Squid Sisters.


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