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Whatever Happened to the Ammo Box?

Advance warning: Wall of text follows and it’s not entirely thought out to the point where I’d normally consider it a final draft.  I may come back to this and edit it once I’ve had time to sleep on it … Continue reading

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Oh, EQ players, don’t ever change.

One thing I have learned in 15 years of wasting away the hours in assorted MMOs is that it’s nearly impossible to predict the depths that players will sink to if you let them. For example, EQ is having its … Continue reading

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Oh CODBLOPS, you so crazy

So there’s just two problems with this screenshot: First, I mean, just look at these stanchions.  They’re the kind with retractable belt dividers, so there’s no possible way that the belt would be sagging like this. I like to think … Continue reading

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I compartmentalize a lot. It’s a bit of a survival trait. I work in a very geeky environment, from a certain point of view. It’s full of very technical people with all sorts of hobbies and interests, so the cubicles … Continue reading

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Call of Doggy

Let’s just put this right out here: Yes, I’m finally getting around to playing a PS4 game.  Yes, I pre-ordered the system and so I’ve had it for the better part of six months.  Considering that you can’t easily walk … Continue reading

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New Wallpaper

One advantage to playing an Idolmaster game on the iPad is that I can, at any point, take a screenshot.  It can be a little tricky to time if I’m trying to get a particular image from one of the … Continue reading

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What the well-dressed elin is wearing this season

Coming back to an MMO after over a year away means relearning a ton of stuff.  There are new zones, new systems, a bunch of new acronyms and classes aren’t always exactly as you left them.  This actually worked in … Continue reading

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Idoling for you

I spent about two weeks completely hooked on The iDOLM@STER: Missing Moon back in 2011.  It’s not really hard to see why; it’s a game about cute girls in cute outfits singing and dancing with light angst and HOT BLOODED … Continue reading

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I may have killed free shipping

I went grocery shopping yesterday. That’s not particularly notable. I forgot to pick something up while I was grocery shopping, which sadly is also not particularly notable. I have a history of going to the grocery store for two or … Continue reading

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Because the Internet

I’ve spent a bit over a week getting re-acclimated to Tera, working on faction and running solo dungeons and the like, so I figure it’s about time I found a guild that I can run group dungeons with and maybe … Continue reading

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