Because the Internet

I’ve spent a bit over a week getting re-acclimated to Tera, working on faction and running solo dungeons and the like, so I figure it’s about time I found a guild that I can run group dungeons with and maybe even tip a foot into the new 10 and 20-man raids.

So I’ve been running around trying to keep track of the guild names floating over character heads.  The game lets you look up how many characters are in a given guild and how long they’ve been around, which is pretty helpful.

There are also a surprising number of Elin-only guilds, or at least guilds that seem to have an Elin focus.  I’ve been looking up guild web sites for those as I spot them, and looking up (to name a few) “elins master race”, “The Elin Tea Party” and “Elinu no Kishi” took me to guild web sites, message board posts, that sort of thing.

Then I looked up a guild called “Touch Fluffy Tails”, which I thought was a pretty clever name, and that lead me down one of those metaphorical rabbit holes.  Rather than a handful of Tera-focused results, I got page upon page of stuff.

Apparently there’s an eroge series called Monmusu Quest, or Monster Girl Quest, which, well, it’s just what it says on the tin.  It’s an eroge where all of the female characters are monsters of various types, one being a nine-tailed fox named Tamamo.  It’s been fan-translated into English, which is pretty uncommon for eroge.

Anyway, at one point Tamamo makes you the following offer:


Which of course gives you these options.  I’m not sure what Poseidon’s Bell is, but I’m going to set it aside:


I rather suspect very few guys have gone the Fried Tofu route, but that’s just a hunch.

Apparently it’s one of those things that have, well, taken on a life of their own, because (in addition to guild names), you get stuff like this:


done by this gentleman, which really makes me want to put it on a mousepad or something to confuse people.

You also get a song NAMED Touch Fluffy Tail, which is surprisingly catchy as long as you’re not paying too much attention to the lyrics.

I confess that I dropped the 99 cents on iTunes and put it on repeat for about an hour this afternoon.

Anyway, I remain amazed by the ability of the Internet to take something insanely obscure and just run with it.

Hora Hora~


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