TERAble Twos

I’ve gotten to put aside a couple of games this week – my six month nostalgia kick with EQ is decidedly on the wane and I finished Project Diva 2nd# on Hard – so my evenings and lunchtimes are considerably more open. It turns out I’m still married, so my wife has been taking advantage of having a husband again to catch me up on some movies.

“Frozen” is pretty dang enjoyable, as an aside.

I’m back at the DVD conversion project and can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. When I left off, I was down to only about 200 DVDs to rip, encode, tag, import into iTunes and back up. Unfortunately, these are all anime DVDs so that means a lot more work – it isn’t like your average movie which is rip, throw into handbrake, spot check and go.

Still, it’s coming along. I set up an encode job for Marmalade Boy this morning before I left for work, and that was a series I had been putting off out of fear – it’s 76 episodes and a movie and has some peculiarities to the title layouts that make things tricky. Having it done, presuming I actually have the appropriate audio tracks and subtitles etc (I’ll know tonight) will be a big relief.

Oh and I’m back playing Tera again, but it doesn’t have the same potential to take over my entire evening that being an active raider in EQ made for.

When I stopped playing, about 18 months ago, it was because the grind to 60 got to be soul crushingly grindy towards the end and there wasn’t honestly a lot to do once you GOT to 60. I can’t speak to whether the grind to 60 is still there or not, but there is a ton of stuff to do at 60 now.

I haven’t checked out the new dungeons yet, or the 10/20 man raids, because I’m not geared for them yet, but there are some daily faction quests and a soloable dungeon that are designed to boost you up to the point where you can participate and I’ve been doing those pretty regularly.

There’s a daily limit on the faction quests and a daily limit on the number of times you can run through the solo dungeon, so it prevents me from getting sucked in for TOO long. Usually I’m done with all of those just about the time the game pops up its “You’ve been playing for an hour” warning.

Oh, and Elin bunnyzerkers are still amazingly fun to play. No ankle is safe from a tiny bunny girl and her giant axe.

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