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Solo: A Star Wars Story: Mildly Snarky Comment

Apparently “mildly snarky” is my phrase of the day, and I apologize for using it in consecutive posts.  Also there will be the tiniest of spoilers for Solo in this post, but they’re quite a ways down.  This would be … Continue reading

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A Cautionary Tale About Amazon Prime Pre-order Discounts

So, my copy of Dark Souls: Remastered arrived on Friday, and it is absolutely brilliant. I’ve just finished ringing the second Bell of Awakening and it’s off to Sen’s next for some swinging-blade action. But that’s not the point of … Continue reading

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I May Have A Souls Problem

So.  Dark Souls: Remastered comes out tomorrow, and I preordered the PS4 version ages ago.  Of course, between people who got their copies early and people who bought the PC version off Steam when it launched early, there are an … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about digital distribution.

One thing I didn’t expect to get out of starting this blog, a little over 11 years ago, was the ability to look back and see how my attitudes had changed over time. One of the big things I’ve done … Continue reading

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E3 2018: Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams

It’s almost exactly one month until this year’s iteration of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and gamers all over the world are starting to Get Hype about the futures of their favorite corporations and how they certainly will not be announcing … Continue reading

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Hello my baby, hello my Dharlu, hello my ragtime gal

So, in an effort to avoid ever sticking to a single theme for this blog, today’s post is another one about comic books from the 1970s and how plot elements that seemed to make perfect sense as a small lad … Continue reading

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On Super-Heroes

It’s my firm belief that the true golden age of comic books was in the 1970s.  The fact that this roughly coincides with my own youth is of no import and this minor coincidence should be disregarded. The 1970s were … Continue reading

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On Second Place

I have a long history of making poor tech choices. I’ve owned Laserdiscs and Minidiscs, Sega Saturns and NEC TurboDuos, an eee 701 netbook and a Windows Phone. Let’s just say that I have a knack for picking the winning … Continue reading

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On Second Looks

Anyone unfortunate enough to follow this blog for any length of time has probably run into one or more of my frothing rants about Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. I’d been a big fan of the series since the first … Continue reading

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