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Solo: A Star Wars Story: Mildly Snarky Comment

Apparently “mildly snarky” is my phrase of the day, and I apologize for using it in consecutive posts.  Also there will be the tiniest of spoilers for Solo in this post, but they’re quite a ways down.  This would be … Continue reading

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Jumping Bayle

With the end of summer, the Everquest progression guild I’m a member of has revved back up and we’re currently beating our heads against the brick wall that is the “Underfoot” expansion, originally released back in December of 2009 and … Continue reading

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No Kool-Aid Involved

Every once in a while, I feel the need to put aside the triple-A manshooting games and work on regaining my Indie Game Hipster Cred.  This last week has been a banner week for that, with Bastion, Limbo, and now … Continue reading

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New Desk (work in progress)

Went to Ikea on Friday with an eye towards redoing my “office”.  I have a new and lasting hatred for Lack shelving, but it’s coming together nicely.

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Sadness in software design

I’ve recently downgraded a machine from Vista business back to XP Professional, a process I will no doubt comment on at length later, and part of it included trying to install the drivers for the Xbox360 controller. Trouble is, I … Continue reading

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On Productivity:

Ages and ages ago, I worked for a software development company that used BRIEF as their standard text editor. If you’re not familiar with BRIEF – and I don’t blame you, honestly, considering that this was over 15 years ago … Continue reading

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Proving the depths of my ineptitude

So, I found out a couple of days ago that Valve put out a free sort-of-level of Half Life 2 as a tech demo for some lighting engine they’d worked up. I quite enjoyed Half Life 2, regardless of the … Continue reading

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