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No Kool-Aid Involved

Every once in a while, I feel the need to put aside the triple-A manshooting games and work on regaining my Indie Game Hipster Cred.  This last week has been a banner week for that, with Bastion, Limbo, and now … Continue reading

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How to tell if Limbo is the Game For You.

  I realize that I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to Limbo.  I have a healthy mistrust of the entire “puzzle platform” genre after getting burned by Braid and neutered by Nyxquest. OK, that’s enough attempted … Continue reading

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I finished some games for a change.

Some quick comments on some recent conquests. Earth Defense Force : Insect Armageddon (PS3) (Also: Xbox 360, PC) Sequel to Earth Defense Force 2017 and a much more polished game in all regards.  There’s more story – and it’s honestly … Continue reading

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In which, the universe has a cruel sense of humor and I buy a new Xbox.

I took myself out for sushi tonight, and our local sushi restaurant is right next to Fred Meyers and I needed to see what the price was on something that I’m thinking about getting my dad for Christmas this year. … Continue reading

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I loves me some pai.

See, the counter for mahjong tiles is “-ぱい” so uh it’s a joke that is either incredibly opaque or painfully lame depending on your point of view.  Not that clever.  Moving on. I got introduced to Japanese-style mahjong – as … Continue reading

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Rinshan Kaihou, y’all

If’n you need me, I’ll be over here in a girl’s high school uniform practicing getting +/- 0.   Also, I actually had the guts to register for a user ID on  I’m up to 6kyuu now. Having 24/7 … Continue reading

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I am your Mahjong god

I have been trying my hand at online Mahjong on lately, and by and large I have been losing.  A LOT.  I have been considering the occasional game where I wind up in third place to be Great Success. … Continue reading

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Going Postal

I’ve been selling an awful lot of stuff on eBay lately in order to get some space back in our closets and bookshelves. It’s actually been an overwhelmingly positive experience – out of about a hundred transactions so far, I’ve … Continue reading

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New Macintosh Time

Apple’s always had a bit of an… issue when it comes to pricing.  That is to say, they release new models that are just SLIGHTLY more expensive than the actual performance really justifies, and then they let the hardware stagnate … Continue reading

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