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No Kool-Aid Involved

Every once in a while, I feel the need to put aside the triple-A manshooting games and work on regaining my Indie Game Hipster Cred.  This last week has been a banner week for that, with Bastion, Limbo, and now … Continue reading

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How to tell if Limbo is the Game For You.

  I realize that I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to Limbo.  I have a healthy mistrust of the entire “puzzle platform” genre after getting burned by Braid and neutered by Nyxquest. OK, that’s enough attempted … Continue reading

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I finished some games for a change.

Some quick comments on some recent conquests. Earth Defense Force : Insect Armageddon (PS3) (Also: Xbox 360, PC) Sequel to Earth Defense Force 2017 and a much more polished game in all regards.  There’s more story – and it’s honestly … Continue reading

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In which, the universe has a cruel sense of humor and I buy a new Xbox.

I took myself out for sushi tonight, and our local sushi restaurant is right next to Fred Meyers and I needed to see what the price was on something that I’m thinking about getting my dad for Christmas this year. … Continue reading

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I loves me some pai.

See, the counter for mahjong tiles is “-ぱい” so uh it’s a joke that is either incredibly opaque or painfully lame depending on your point of view.  Not that clever.  Moving on. I got introduced to Japanese-style mahjong – as … Continue reading

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Rinshan Kaihou, y’all

If’n you need me, I’ll be over here in a girl’s high school uniform practicing getting +/- 0.   Also, I actually had the guts to register for a user ID on  I’m up to 6kyuu now. Having 24/7 … Continue reading

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I am your Mahjong god

I have been trying my hand at online Mahjong on lately, and by and large I have been losing.  A LOT.  I have been considering the occasional game where I wind up in third place to be Great Success. … Continue reading

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