In which, the universe has a cruel sense of humor and I buy a new Xbox.

I took myself out for sushi tonight, and our local sushi restaurant is right next to Fred Meyers and I needed to see what the price was on something that I’m thinking about getting my dad for Christmas this year.

As somehow ALWAYS happens, I also wound up in the electronics section and noticed that they were running a deal on an Xbox 360 console for $199 with Forza 4 and Skyrim, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

But, our Xbox 360 from 2006 has been steadily chugging along all this time and has only done the red-ring thing once, so I chalked it up as “that’s a good deal, pity I have nobody on my Christmas list to give it to”

I had my sushi, and I got some take-out for my wife, and as I was giving her her dinner and putting my coat in the closet and taking off my shoes, I made an offhand comment about how it was a pity that our Xbox wasn’t broken, hah hah hah.

And she said unto me “and when was the last time you turned it on?”

I of course turned it on right there and then to prove that it was still working just fine.

There was a pathetic little crackling noise as a circuit breaker blew and everything plugged into the same circuit turned off.

So, I reset the circuit breaker and turned the Xbox back on again.

Then I reset the circuit breaker one last time, put my coat and shoes back on, and drove back to the store, where they had already taken down the signs advertising the deal but were willing to ring me one last one up at their sale price.

Somewhere, in the distance, the universe was laughing.


Oh, and they had Wii Us in stock which somewhat startled me after the nightmare of trying to get a Wii back in 2006/2007.  Either Nintendo actually made enough of the danged things this time or they may be a little nervous right now.



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