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What it’s like playing #EQ2 in 2016

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I’ve gotten hooked on Everquest 2 again.  This is my third or fourth time playing, I think, starting when Sony gave me a free copy back in 2006 as an apology for … Continue reading

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I regularly make poor snack decisions

The last time I had a Crystal Pepsi, it was July of 1992 and I was standing at a gas station on the outskirts of Palestine, Texas, waiting for the Greyhound to come by and get me the heck AWAY … Continue reading

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In Which I Confront a Hoarding Problem

I have realized that Everquest 2 is, at its heart, a complicated game about inventory management in which you occasionally fight monsters. I will explain. My wife has been steeping in pre-release hype and events for the forthcoming WoW expansion, … Continue reading

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I went grocery shopping

Sometimes, when I want to throw up a post with minimal effort, I make fun of foreign snack food.  Since I just went to the not-terribly-local Korean market yesterday and BOUGHT a bunch of foreign snack food, it seemed like … Continue reading

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Test Your Might

A couple of games off the backlog recently. First, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, which really wasn’t stuck on to the backlog for very long.  I preordered it, it showed up on the release date, it sat on the shelf … Continue reading

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